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Your Gauge

So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him,

“If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will make (set) you free.”  John 8:31-32

Most of you know I enjoy riding my bicycle.  It is always a good idea to check the tire pressure on the tires and fill them to the standard amount.  I am fortunate to have a gauge on the air pump to measure the correct amount of air.  I have a friend who had aired the tires of his bike recently without a gauge and then went into the house.  A few moments later he heard…BOOM!!!!  Yes, you guessed rightly, tire and tube popped and destroyed.

Not having a pressure gauge when filling bicycle tires CAN be challenging.  Since he had been in a hurry, he figured he could GUESS the approximate pressure by feel.  Apparently not!

One of the challenging issues of our day has much the same effect, as people have come to believe they can determine what is ‘TRUE’ by how they FEEL!  Since feeling is subjective, and the population is larger now than ever, there are MANY more claims to Truth than before.  Finding truth then, has become more of a ‘match game’ as folks generally pick what ‘they’ personally like and approve of.  But REAL Truth comes with a warning label.

Today’s verse comes from Jesus’ own mouth and begins with that scary little warning word ‘IF!’  To know Truth and be free, Jesus lays a condition that one must ABIDE in His Word!  Not just ‘mentally ascent’ to, or simply ‘feel good’ about it. Freedom, He infers, only comes AFTER commitment!  Which can sometimes seem like putting the cart before the horse!

This week you will face a few challenges to your faith, will you deal with them “by Feel” or filter the circumstances through he truths you know from God’s Word?


The point is, we are ALL in danger of being swallowed up by falsehood.  Jesus said the ONLY way to guarantee to Truth is to ABIDE IN HIS WORD!  Which, in the world, practically guarantees some sort of explosion?

What is YOUR gauge for determining The Truth and how is it working? Pastor Larry

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