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Tweetable Puritan Quotes

Most of us have heard that Elon Musk bought out Twitter.  This week he also unveiled the new logo for the social media service.  It has changed from a little blue bird to an enigmatic “X”.  I’m sure many will not be happy with that change. 

Possibly you have wondered, “What if a Puritan community were to be transported from the past and into our today?”  “What would they post on twitter?”  Here are a few of likely tweets from Puritans:

  • Where one thousand are destroyed by the world’s frowns, ten thousand are destroyed by the world’s smiles.
  • The honors, splendor, and all the glory of this world, are but sweet poisons that will much endanger us if they do not eternally destroy us.
  • Riches are like manna; those that gathered less had no want, and those that gathered more, it was but a trouble and annoyance to them.
  • Happiness lies not in those things that cannot comfort a man upon a dying bed.
  • A man can have enough of the world to sink him, but he can never have enough to satisfy him.
  • It is a sad and dangerous thing to have two eyes to behold our dignity and privileges, and not one to see our duties and services.
  • The worth and riches of the saints is inward.
  • Christianity is not a talking–but a walking with God.
  • Christ is the crown of crowns, the glory of glories, and the heaven of heavens.
  • Though saints have little in hand, they have much in hope.
  • It is better to go to heaven alone–than to hell with company!

So glad we have more than just “tweets” as resource for wisdom, Pastor Larry

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