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Today Is Ours

Our Yesterday is gone.  Gone with its cares

        And with its heavy burdens and mistakes,

Its half-done tasks, its careless thoughts and words,

        Its bitterness and all its pains and aches.

We can’t recall a single word or deed

        Of yesterday when it is spent and gone;

God puts it far away and gently says,

        “Do better, child, when comes Tomorrow’s dawn.”


Tomorrow is not here.  It’s yet unborn.

        Why plan today Tomorrow’s care and sorrow?

‘Tis only God knows what each one will find

        When he awakes to live in God’s Tomorrow.

We are not strong enough to live and work

        And face with courage all Today’s demands,

If, over-anxious, we forget to leave

        Tomorrow in God’s loving hands.


Today is ours!  Our Yesterday is gone!

        And God’s Tomorrow is not ours to know,

His grace is all-sufficient for Today.

        This way is best.  God planned it so.

–Clara M. Bode, Another Bouquet for You


May we live present this very day.  Yes, that is what God has given us the gift of right now, Pastor Larry

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