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The Four Names of God

I want to encourage you to read over and meditate on Psalm 91.

If you are able, listen to the Psalm 91 Scripture Song by Esther Mui as well:

Let’s take a look at the four names the Psalmist uses for God …

#1 Most High Psalm 91:1 Hebrew – Elyon Strongest of the Strong – Superlative God – surpassing all others – Supreme. Above all other powers and authority.Would you repeat this after me … “I live under the protection of the Most High God.”

#2 Almighty Psalm 91:1 Hebrew – Shaddai or Shadday The name shadday means “All Powerful” Omnipotent The promise inherent in the name Shadday is that the Almighty can do everything He has promised. No man or other power can thwart His ways. He is an awesome God. (HToKBW)Would you repeat this after me …  “I dwell in the shadow of Almighty God”

#3 LORD Psalm 91:2 Hebrew – Yahweh or Jehovah His name means, “I am who I am” or “I will be who I will be.” The significance of these translations show that God is the One who is there for His people. In New Testament the Lord Himself appeared among His people as Emmanuel, “God with us.” Jesus was bold enough to apply the Greek equivalent to the Hebrew term, YHWH, Lord, to Himself. Would you repeat this after me …  “The Lord is my refuge and my fortress.”

#4 God Psalm 91:2 Hebrew – Elohim ʾElohim is “God,” the Maker of the universe and the Supreme Creator of all life. It emphasizes God’s power and strength which is evident in creating, from nothing, the heavens, the earth and all that is in them. Would you repeat this after me …  “I trust in the God who created all things.”

It’s so important for us to learn about the names of God, and the character of God.

God bless you,

Pastor Larry

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