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The Captain’s Smiling Face

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote that great novel called Treasure Island.  His father was a chief engineer in establishing lighthouses all up and down the coast of Scotland and England.  When Robert Louis Stevenson was just a boy, his father took him on an ocean voyage inspecting the lighthouses and the towers along the coast.  They were not out very long until a tremendous storm came upon the sea.

For over 24 hours they feared for their very lives.  Robert’s father made his way up to the deck.  There was only one man up there, the pilot, the captain of the ship.

The waves were so boisterous; the winds were so loud; the rain was so hard and strong that he had taken a rope and strapped himself to the foremast of that ship, so he would not be swept off into the ocean.

When Robert’s father finally made it to the deck, he took one look at the face of the captain and without saying a word, went back downstairs into the cabin.  Robert was waiting at the door, when his father walked in.  Robert asked, “Daddy, are we going to drown?  Daddy, daddy, is the ship going down?  Are we going to sink?  Are we going to die?”

Mr. Stevenson picked up that little boy, hugged him to his chest and said, “No son, we are going to make it through the storm.”  His son said, “Daddy, how do you know we are?”  His daddy said, “Because I looked into the captain’s face and he was smiling.

Thankful that I am cared for by the Captain, Pastor Larry

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