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The Bell Of Love

A friend of ours at Central Baptist in Leesburg posted this yesterday:

As we finished a study of Robert Jermain Thomas in children’s club, The youth learned about his passion in 1800’s to share the gospel and hand out Bibles in Korea, knowing death was the punishment. As he faced his executioner, he handed him the last Bible in his possession. The executioner took the bible, tore out the pages and posted them on a wall as a mockery. Those pages, sharper than any two edged sword, sparked a revival where 10,000 souls were saved. Later years, another 30,000 were saved, and 50 years later, 50,000 were saved. A life sacrificed for God’s Glory and the gospel spread like a pandemic! Love this story. The kids also learned that Central Baptist donated a bell to a missionary church in Korea in 1949, after a decision was made to take the bell tower down. The bell arrived in Korea in 1951 and was hung on a tall tower. (Picture below) It rang every morning and every night as a reminder to share the gospel. A 13-year-old boy in Korea heard the bell ring every day, he later became a pastor and started a church in Texas. He became curious about the church that donated the bell to his church in Korea. He found Central Baptist church, flew to Leesburg to see the church. He shared his testimony and said 21 missionaries and pastors have come out of that Korean church. To this day, that 140-year-old bell still tolls as a reminder to share the gospel, talk about Jesus, morning, noon and night. Now a historic relic, the bell is affectionately called “The Bell of Love.”

May evangelists/missionaries such as these continue to inspire us to bold in our faith, Pastor Larry

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