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Praying for Ukraine

After eight years of ongoing conflict, tension continues to mount on the border between Ukraine and Russia.  Imminent conflict between the two countries could spark a catastrophic humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, causing millions to be displaced from their homes.

We know there is power in prayer.  Let’s make a commitment to pray for Ukraine and this ongoing challenge. 

 Pray for:

  1. The people of Ukraine as tension builds on the Ukraine-Russia border. Pray for strength, courage and perseverance as their home is threatened by imminent conflict.
  2. Safe passages out of conflict zones for displaced populations.
  3. Government officials to lead with wisdom in this tense time.
  4. The estimated 4 million displaced people who will be forcibly removed from their homes. Pray that in the face of conflict, they will find psychological, emotional and spiritual healing from this trauma.
  5. Soldiers on both sides of this conflict to be safe from harm.
  6. Local churches, relief workers and humanitarian aid organizations to care for what could be a massive wave of displaced peoples in Ukraine.
  7. Churches in Donbas region, Kharkov, Kyiv, Lugansk, L’viv, Zhytomer, Rivne, and Dubno.
  8. Ukrainian believers as they seek to be a light in the darkness.
  9. Ukrainians who have never heard the gospel to have an opportunity to experience the hope of Jesus
  10. Missionaries currently trying to leave and those who are back home.

Will you pray? Pastor Larry

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