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Monsters Created

We continue to shake our heads in disbelief as we see what is being created by removing faith in God and replacing it with all kinds of super tolerant yet extreme philosophies. Doing this is not creating a broad-minded culture but a monster.

“What is it about the Christian faith that so unnerves our public officials and private atheists? Not believing is one thing—persecuting those who do is something else… After all, Jesus’ teachings are not only important to those who consider Him the Son of God; they are the basis for countless tenets of polite behavior. Why wouldn’t we want our children learning to turn the other cheek, go the second mile, reach out in mercy to those who are lonely or impoverished or hurting? Would it be so awful if they strove to emulate His integrity, His selflessness, His love? Oh, it’s a scary thought all right. Better to let our kids watch cinematic bloodbaths, and joke about serial killers and satanic rites and bewitching vengeances. These are the ideals that inspire depth of character. These are what we want to parade before our children and celebrate with publicly-funded school festivities. Interesting, all the effort our government and courts expend, frantically trying to keep our kids away from a God Who is—by definition—everywhere, all the time. Maybe we think that by systematically removing every element of faith from our society, we’re gradually evolving a more broad-minded generation. But, in fact, we’re not. All we’re really doing is… creating a monster.” – M. Johnson

On a lighter note, there was this atheist who complained to a Christian that Christians had their special days such as Christmas and Easter, and the Jews celebrate Passover, “But we atheists,” he said, “have no recognized national holiday.  It isn’t fair.”

“I have an idea,” said the Christian man.  “Why don’t you celebrate April 1st?

Praying for our society and our current generation of young people, Pastor Larry

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