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Old copies of Melinda Rankin’s autobiography are rare and expensive, but well worth reading. Miss Rankin has the distinction of being called the first Protestant missionary to Mexico. As a young woman growing up in New England, she stayed busy with whatever was at hand, endeavoring to be faithful over a few things so that “in due time my life’s mission would be shown me.”

After the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848, as returning soldiers told of the spiritual needs of the Mexican people, Melinda developed a passion for advancing the Gospel into the lands south of the border. Unable to get into Mexico, she moved to Brownsville, Texas, and started sending Bibles across the Rio Grande. Finally she managed to get into Mexico where she labored faithfully, despite danger, sickness, and opposition, until her death at age 76.

Her attitude was summed up in one sentence: “The word discouragement is not in the dictionary of the kingdom of heaven.”

Faithfulness is simply being full of faith in the One who called us. Let’s be faithful in small things, believing that in due time, our life’s mission will be shown us. If we’re faithful in little, He’ll bless us in much.

Duty to God was my watchword, and on His powerful arm I trusted for protection, and I resolved to go forward.  –Melinda Rankin

May we stay faithful to the call of God, Pastor Larry

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