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Is God Unfair?

There was a couple some years ago who questioned God’s fairness after both of their school-aged children were killed in auto accidents within a period of three years.  Like most parents, they had anticipated much happiness with their son and daughter.  Their friends saw their own children graduate from high school, but these parents were deprived of that joy.

I wonder if the family of the apostle James may have questioned God’s fairness too.  He was executed, but Peter was miraculously rescued from the same fate (Acts 12:2, 5-11).

It’s true that life is often unfair.  Some seem to be blessed with far more opportunities than others, but let’s not blame God.  These injustices are here because man kind’s sin has invaded God’s creation.  The Lord allows the, but He has not caused them.  He grieves over them more than we do, loves us equally, has made eternal salvation available to all, and will judge everyone by the principle: “To whom much is given, from him much will be required” (Luke 12:48).

At the end of time, the Lord will right all the wrongs of the ages, and even the people most deprived and mistreated in this life will be satisfied with God’s justice.  Ultimately, no one will have reason to accuse Him of being unfair. 

Let’s us grow in our trust for God to work all things for the good, Pastor Larry

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