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Retired U.S. Marine Corps General Charles Krulak recounted a critical event in the Gulf War of 1991:

The prevailing winds in the Gulf area blow from northeast to southwest. If you attack from the southwest, your enemy can release biological weapons into the air, and the chemicals will blow right into your face. It was a tremendous concern for the military in the southwestern desert and a grave prayer concern for many, both overseas and back home.

On February 21, 1991, American forces began an attack from the southwest at four in the morning. Only three hours before, the prevailing winds had shifted from southwest to northeast, exactly 180 degrees from the direction the prevailing winds normally blow.
The winds blew in that direction for four days, the four days of the duration of the war. Within thirty minutes of the surrender, the winds shifted back. That is the unbelievable power of prayer.

Citation: Linda Gehrs, Oak Park, Illinois; source: Marine General Charles Krulak, in a message given at the Wheaton, Illinois Prayer Breakfast, October, 2000

Reading from 1 Chronicles, “Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually.”
-1 Chronicles 16:11

Looking to God in prayer with confidence that He is listening and ready to provide the necessary miracle, Pastor Larry

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