From The Pastor Feb. 19th

The Turtle

Earlier in the week, while taking a “back road” my driving plans were interrupted by a small creature in the road.  Apparently a soft-shelled lake turtle decided to cross the road about the time I was approaching his territory.  Another driver from my opposing direction had compassion on said reptile, stopped his car and walked to the turtle to pick it up and get it out of harm’s way.  It was humorous at first, due to the turtle not wanting to cooperate, but after a few tries the man got a good hold on it and delivered turtle to the pond it was apparently trying to travel to.  I almost stated out loud to my son, “Yay! he saved the turtle!”  The whole ordeal was less than three minutes, yet it inspired me to ponder the act(s) of saving lives.  There are large organizations whose purpose is to save various animals and keep them from becoming extinct.  I don’t even want to surmise the amount of money and energy spent on the many endeavors targeted by animal rights groups.  Yes, you are catching on to the direction of this diatribe.  It irks me so, that more attention and money is spent on animals than on humanity.  Don’t get me wrong, I love animals and I am glad the man “saved” the turtle crossing the road.  I am genuinely glad that there are watch groups out there “protecting” some of the important animal species, but I think there needs to be a balance.  We have human babies being murdered in the name of convenience, human trafficking and slavery.  Across the world, children and adults are dying due to war, malnutrition and neglect.  Too many here in the western world have placed a higher value on some animal that might end up on an extinction list.   All right. So, I have had my say here, but another notion hits me – this is strong:  We have a compassionate Being who stepped down from glory and came to earth and lived among his creation.  He focused his time on spreading a message of forgiveness, love, and life.  He gave his own life, so we may be saved from the ultimate death, eternity separated from God and tormented in a lake of fire.  If you have repented asking forgiveness of God for your sin, placing full trust in Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection, you can say with me: “Jesus Saves! He saved me!”
Confident in His salvation,  Pastor Larry

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