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Earth Day

This past Friday was “Earth Day”.  It was inescapable for me to not come across a passionate environmentalist going on about ways to “save the earth/environment”.  I can’t help but think about how so many in our world, looking for some remarkable “cause” to involve themselves with, have jumped on the bandwagon of the environment cause.   It really has expanded so exponentially into what I would label as “another religion”.  I do believe we are to do our best to take care of the world around us (Genesis 1:28), but I sure am seeing a worship of nature and a lack of worshipping the One who created all things.

So, how should the Christian celebrate Earth Day?  We should worship the Creator not His creation. Recognize God as the maker, sustainer & owner of it all.  On a somewhat evangelistic note, here’s a link to support a purposeful view on supporting earth day.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1 

“The earth and everything in it, the world and its inhabitants, belong to the Lord; for he laid its foundation on the seas and established it on the rivers.” Psalms 24:1-2  

“The depths of the earth are in his hand, and the mountain peaks are his. The sea is his; he made it. His hands formed the dry land. Come, let’s worship and bow down; let’s kneel before the Lord our Maker.” Psalms 95:4-6 

Celebrating our Creator & His Creation, Pastor Larry

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