Cornerstone Gear

Phone: 941-488-1551


Service Times:

Sunday 9:30am Bible Fellowship

Sunday 10:30am Main Worship

Wednesday 6:30pm


It’s our pleasure to offer apparel and other gear and products branded with Cornerstone’s Logo!  There is no better way to share the Gospel with new friends than by inviting them to church! There’s no better way to invite and interest others in Cornerstone Church than showing others our love and community through the clothes we wear, the gear we use, and by our examples every day. We chose to call our store items gear because we hope to offer far more than just clothing items or shirts. We will try to add products on a timely basis and offer an interesting variety of items and looks for everyone to choose from and enjoy.

What do YOU want?

What sorts of products would you like to see? There are quite a few things we can share here, including more clothing options, clothing specific to women, men, and even children! We are constantly on the lookout for more items and more choices. Keep in mind that the products we offer would make great gifts, invitations for others to join us in church, or just for yourself! The sky, as we like to say, is the limit! If there’s something out there that you would love to see ‘branded’ with the Cornerstone logo, please let us know! If you’d like something made, but you don’t see it here, please contact us, and we’ll endeavor to do that for you! We love to answer questions, fulfill needs, and deliver solutions for the congregation! We can’t wait to hear from you!