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And It Came To Pass

We read this statement in the Bible quite often without even contemplating the impact on the lives of those involved.  Observing Nehemiah chapter one the time is “in the month of Chislev,” which is about December. Chapter two begins with “in the month of Nisan,” which is around April. So there is a time lapse of about 4 months between these 2 chapters. When Nehemiah heard the bad news of the conditions in Jerusalem, he wept, prayed, and fasted. He was in essence saying, “Lord, use me; send me to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls.” It is interesting to note that in spite of his prayer nothing happened for 4 months; however, Nehemiah didn’t lose hope.

Nehemiah was a man of vision and patience, and he showed himself willing to simply wait on God. This is a difficult spiritual lesson that every believer must learn, how to wait on God’s timing. In the midst of waiting, it’s easy to feel like the Lord has forgotten us. So it’s a great comfort that the Bible is filled with men and women who had to learn this lesson of patience. When Moses was young, he thought he had some talent in leading people, and had tried in his own power to make something happen. But he only managed to make a mess, killing an Egyptian and having to flee to the wilderness to hide out. It wasn’t until after 40 years in the desert tending sheep that he came to the conclusion that he wasn’t capable of leading anything but sheep. And it was then that God was finally able to begin to use him. For 40 years Joshua served in obscurity as Moses’ assistant. For 25 years David ran from King Saul, waiting for Saul’s reign to end so he could be king.

We shouldn’t be surprised to find God making us wait before He uses us. Of course the problem is never God, but always us, His children. Sometimes we need to be changed, and sometimes it’s just not God’s timing yet. So when we find ourselves in the midst of waiting, the best thing we can do is simply draw closer to God, trusting Him and allowing Him to change the things in us that need to be changed so He can use us.

May we not lose hope in our times of waiting, Pastor Larry

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